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Ad Astra


Brad Pitt Ad Astra


To develop a stellar international social campaign for one of 2019s most anticipated films

Ad Astra Teaser

We worked closely with 20th Century Studios to create social content that would drive global excitement and ticket sales.


How did we do it? 

Using stunning social cards, an engaging Instagram stories quiz, and gorgeous cinemagraphs, we highlighted Brad Pitt’s star power. Teased the epic cinematic experience. Built suspense by playing up the plot’s mystery.


As this was an international campaign, we chose visuals, sound, and quotes that conveyed our story with minimal translation.


If you were put in this film’s universe, what would you do? Explore the possibilities we gave the audience. 


These pieces draw you in with subtle motion. At the same time, they showcase the beautiful cinematic experience and tease the tension of the film. Super mysterious, super mesmerizing.