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Cisco Duo × The Marvels



Cisco Duo × The Marvels:
An unstoppable force


When Marvel Studios shared The Marvels storyline with us, our landmark brand partnership campaign for Cisco Duo x Guardians of the Galaxy had just wrapped. The Duo team agreed: This was the perfect opportunity to build off that momentum—and go further. 

The narrative connected the heroic Marvels trio to three of Duo’s powerful cybersecurity features. From TikTok to Amazon to the fan event, this global campaign met the audience where they were and shared how security teams could join the ranks of heroes. The results? Let’s just say it broke records.

Going Further, Faster

Drawing on the movie’s thrilling theme of three heroes who take back their power from cybervillains, we expanded on Duo’s threat-fighting story to drive interest and leads across channels and in real life. Before you ask: No, we don’t have more of the Carol Danvers-inspired sunglasses we gave out to attendees of the webinar and fan event. We wish we did!

“Become an Unstoppable Force Against Cyberthreats” Video Spot

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