A First-Class Ticket to Decadence

To promote the release of the film Murder on the Orient Express, we brought its iconic train to life for an incredible pop-up installation—with a delicious twist.


​ ​ 2 Months & ​

​ ​ 3K Chocolate Bars

We brought in Jen Lindsey-Clark and her team from Chocolatician​ to create a detailed replica of the train featured in the film Murder on the Orient Express. Two months​ and 60 kilograms of Godiva chocolate​ (that’s about 3,000 bars) later, we had a masterpiece that would turn heads. Watch the video to find out how it was done.

​ ​ The Ride ​

​ ​ of a Lifetime ​

As the stars from Murder on the Orient Express​ came into the spotlight at the London premiere, so too did the Godiva chocolate train—inspiring photos and giving onlookers a window into the world of the film.

​ ​ Luxury ​

​ ​ & Intrigue ​

The chocolate replica of the luxurious train was displayed at the St. Pancras International Railway Station, sharing a glimpse of Agatha Christie’s intriguing world with commuters. The train was on display for just over three weeks (Nov. 2 to Nov. 26). During that time, the train was seen by nearly 87,000 people each da

87,000​ people each day, on average. On social media, with its unique hashtag #GodivaMoustache, the chocolate train generated nearly 114,590 impressions per day​ and resulted in 94 unique social posts, including 12 videos, with a combined reach of over 2 million users.

​ Social Glimpse

The Results

​ ​ #GodivaMoustache ​



impressions per day


unique social posts, including 12 videos

Combined reach of over



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