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Do It for the Gram: 4 Tips for Brands

A recent Havas Group study revealed a frightening statistic: Consumers would not care if 74% of brands disappeared from their lives. How can brands fix this? Our CEO and ECD Gina Michnowicz provided her insights in her SXSW talk “Do It for The Gram,” focusing on what brands can do on social and IRL. Couldn’t make it? Let us fill you in.

On stage, Gina noted that for brands to look to the future of social, it’s helpful to look back. A lot of social platforms have emerged over the years, but their mission statements have all shared a common thread: people. Remember the heyday of social media? It was about building connections, seeing content that you loved from your people and brands you cared about. Brands who jumped on early were rewarded when they created great content, gaining engagement and loyalty like never before.

So what happened? Monetization. More and more brands pushing more content, focusing on ads in an attempt to break through the noise. And then came the trolling. The misuse of personal data. Cyberbullying. The list goes on. But don’t worry—it’s not all darkness and despair.

First of all, Gina predicts that there will be more regulations and zero-tolerance policies on platforms to protect people and brands.

Secondly, she sees a key to a bright future in the past. Marketing is all about connecting with people—or at least it should be. Here are Gina’s tips on what you can do to build that connection.

  1. Tell intentional stories that truly speak to your audience. Story is king. Tell stories that feature the customer at the center. Brands will always be competing for attention, but when you’re simply pushing your own message, you’re talking to yourself. And remember, less is more: Less quantity, more quality storytelling and interactions.

  2. Show your brand’s personality. Be brave. Inspire. Laugh.

  3. Don’t limit your stories to social media. Follow the lead of brands like Bumble and bring your social interactions into the real world.

  4. Act responsibly if you see cyberbullying or other inappropriate behavior in your community. Community management is critical for social programs. You want your community to be a safe place where people can interact with each other and engage with the content without worries.

“The brands that will enjoy success on social,” Gina said, “will tell stories, show up IRL, entertain, and inspire us.”

Ready to create a well-crafted story or experience that truly connects with your audience? While it isn’t easy, we’re here to support you. Just reach out.


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