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  • Kim Park

Grateful for a Chocolate Train and What It Inspired

November is a time when people reflect on their year and feel thankful for the positive things in their life.

This November, I’m grateful for many things—my health, my family and friends, my ability to travel and explore the world—but I’m especially grateful to be part of The Craftsman Agency. I know that not everyone loves their jobs, and I feel lucky to have one that not only inspires me but also pushes me to inspire others.

Coincidentally, it was around November last year that we wrapped up a project that acted as one of the catalysts for rebranding our agency to The Craftsman Agency. We were working with 20th Century Fox and Godiva to create a beautiful 10-foot chocolate train to help promote the release of the film Murder on the Orient Express. The train, which took over two months to craft, debuted at the world film premiere in London and then spent the following weeks at St. Pancras International station and on the Queen Mary cruise ship. It was a masterpiece that turned heads.

During this “dream big” project, we had so many valuable and incredible experiences working with talented artists and brand teams across different countries. This project (as well as attending the world premiere to see the train in person!) is truly something that happens only once in a lifetime. But that chocolate train made us realize how hungry we were to make more of these once-in-a-lifetime activations.

Working with artists to bring our unique ideas to life is now a key pillar to The Craftsman Agency. I’m so thankful that I can be a part of the agency and its future. And I'm so grateful that our CEO, Gina Michnowicz, and our team show up inspired and ready to work each day.

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