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  • Gina Michnowicz

Marketing Is in the “House” (AKA Clubhouse)

I was so excited to get on the invite-only social app Clubhouse in January this year. (Thanks, @ericmitchell!) Exclusivity gets me every time.

If you haven’t heard of Clubhouse or gotten access to it yet, let me introduce you. Clubhouse is an audio-only social mobile app—currently available only on iOS—where people form rooms to talk about specific topics. It feels a lot like a panel at an event, except that you can raise your hand to come up “on stage” to speak with the organizers. (In some cases, this function isn’t allowed by the moderators and speakers.)

Because it is only audio, it feels different from some of the other platforms. You don’t have to worry about how you look or what you’re wearing. It’s OK if you’re not in a beautiful setting. Ideally, it’s about bringing your best thinking forward, really. You’ll find a lot of different perspectives on pretty much any topic, and most discussions seem constructive and open-minded. It feels like you could learn things from the members, like you can on Quora or Reddit.

It’s a sweet spot for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and consultants—and there’s definitely an opportunity for marketers as well. Despite being invite-only, Clubhouse’s weekly active user numbers skyrocketed to 10 million earlier this year.

If you’re in the club or thinking about taking the plunge, here are a few quick thoughts on getting the most out of Clubhouse—at least for now, as I expect Clubhouse to evolve as time goes on.

These types of events will work well:

  • Executive fireside chats with a skilled moderator

  • A panel of customers or industry experts on a compelling topic

  • Events similar to a Reddit Ask Me Anything or live events on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn

  • Promos for product launches and entertainment releases

  • Educational series for prospects and customers

I suspect we’ll see expanded event offerings soon, too, since they just hired TED veteran Kelly Stoetzel.

It doesn’t support ads yet, but you can promote your rooms and events via your website, email, and other social channels.

As with most social platforms in their early days, you won’t have the analytics to support performance marketing and it’s hard to measure the return on investment. Instead, focus on awareness metrics, like how many people attend the event, how many people asked questions, or if you saw follow-up on a landing page or via LinkedIn. I had someone reach out to me on LinkedIn to connect after I spoke in a room, so it definitely happens!

Want to follow me on Clubhouse? You’ll find me at @ginamichno.

Want to chat about what you could do with Clubhouse? Just reach out.

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