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Dreaming of a Flawless Virtual Event? Meet Your New Tools

As you continue to plan your virtual events, and maybe even start thinking about upcoming hybrid events, how can you be confident that you have the right strategic framework? That the platform you choose is the best one for your needs? That you’ve covered all the minute details?

We and our amazing event partner cred have finessed the art of planning and executing stand-out events. And art is meant to be shared. That’s why we’ve collaborated to create a host of tools that will help you pull off a virtual event with ease.

Our offerings include:

  • A do-it-yourself package. This package includes an event strategy worksheet and platform selection questionnaire that work together to help you understand your needs, covering topics such as overall strategy, attendee information, sponsorship, registration, support, and customization.

  • A robust guide to our top six virtual platform choices. Don’t have time for all the research and inquiries? We’ve done it for you! This guide helps you quickly narrow down your search and select your winner. It includes our top six choices based on our extensive experience with virtual platforms, providing a comparison of their key criteria and features. Want to know which one is the easiest to use? Which gives the best attendee experience? We have those answers and more.

  • A one-hour event planning brainstorm. One of our experienced event planners is happy to get on a call anytime during your event planning process to brainstorm, assess your progress, and help create a roadmap for your next steps.

Ready to gain the confidence that comes with knowing you have everything covered? Take a look at our craft & cred offerings.

If you want to lean on our expertise even more, just reach out! Whether your events are virtual, hybrid, or in-person, we love helping you bring them to life.