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Why We Love to Work at a Women-Led Creative Shop

We’re all about equality at The Craftsman Agency. Our genders, ages, races, and religions (or lack thereof) may play a part in who we are, but they by no means define us. When we come together to work on projects, we’re defined by our ideas, skills, and talent.

We are, however, led by women. Our CEO and executive creative director is a woman. Our director of strategy is a woman. Several other women have held leadership positions. So how does that shape us?

This 2019 Forbes article highlights how women-led companies tend to provide better returns than those led by men. Their employees are more positive when relating to their companies’ strategy and mission. These companies also appear to be better at inspiring belief in their products and services, which leads to better overall engagement. Employees also seem to enjoy more independence.

But what does our team see as the biggest benefits of working for a women-led company? We asked a few members of The Craftsman to provide their thoughts.


“I find the work culture in women-led companies to be better. Women lead with emotional intelligence and compassion, and they value collaboration. It creates a more supportive, positive, and inspiring work environment.” — Lisa, senior marketing manager

“Before I started working here, one of the first things I heard about the company was how empathetic the leadership team is. That has definitely proven to be true. We’re good about checking in with each other, not only about how the work is coming along but how we’re doing in general. That holistic approach elevates the culture and, compared with where I’ve worked previously, has increased my overall satisfaction.” — Mike, designer and copywriter

“I love working for a women-led organization. Our environment is efficient yet collaborative. The leadership team is open to ideas and thinking outside the box, and they encourage you to learn new skills. This creates an inclusive and supportive culture that embraces smart, poised, well-rounded people.“ — Courtney, project manager


A thoughtful, supportive, inspiring environment. A focus on empathy and collaboration. Being given the space and encouragement needed to come up with innovative ideas. These core elements of The Craftsman culture are a large part of why we love working here.

Looking to improve your own leadership skills for great results? Read our CEO’s post on servant leadership. Want to experience the benefits our culture can bring to your creative projects? Drop us a line.

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