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The Lion King


Mufasa stands behind Simba in the live action film The Lion King

Inspiring fans to relive the magic of a timeless film through spectacular creations

Lili Garcia wears a Lion King costume made by Designer Daddy

Looking to promote The Lion King’s Digital and Blu-ray release, Walt Disney Studios came to us for playful social ideas. What did we say? “Hakuna Matata,” of course.

Since the campaign was around Halloween, we partnered with some seriously talented influential artists to craft delightful content that leaned into the holiday and inspired families to relive the magic at home. Both the artists and studio shared the creations organically, and the results—56x the engagement goal—were worth lifting high above Pride Rock.

Can you feel the love?

The campaign was all about key characters and moments,

connecting the audience with the heart of the film.


The artists we partnered with created work that both stops the scroll and stands the test of time. From a portrait of Scar that included 4,000+ individually placed grains of rice to an iconic scene made with a bit of foam and lots of dexterity, the creations were simply magical.


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