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Youth To The People


A hand pours Youth To The People superfood cleanser

Showing Youth To The People products in their best light on


Youth To The People skincare is phenomenal. It’s packed with cold-pressed plant extracts. The company works in small batches for maximum freshness. The products also have amazing texture. So when the brand came to us for help with an identity refresh on and shared photography that didn’t showcase what set them apart, we dug deep into our craft. 

We gave them more vibrant color.

More luscious texture.

More super-clean gloss.

All leading to more sales.


The team shared product images that needed label updates, simple backgrounds that needed cohesion and interest, and ingredient shots that could use a vitamin boost.


With our designers’ keen eyes and pixel-by-pixel retouching, we created a look for the product shots and page banner that featured juicy, saturated color and focused on the products’ textures and incredible ingredients. Out with the smudges and not-so-fresh-looking greens, in with gorgeous product spills, shiny jars, eye-catching superfoods, and, of course, youth-seekers adding the products to their carts.

An array of Youth To The People products.


Watch our granular retouching magic with your own eyes. Product names being changed and added, spinach getting elevated, product spills being recolored—it’s all the wizardry of a gifted design team!


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