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Murder on the Orient Express


Chocolate Train

Bringing the iconic train from Murder on the Orient Express to life—with a delicious twist

The chocolate artist poses with her work, an incredible 10-foot replica of the Orient Express.

When 20th Century Studios and Godiva ask you to come up with a buzzworthy activation to highlight their partnership for the Murder on the Orient Express world premiere, you know you’ve got a sweet opportunity.

Here was our recipe for success:

  • 1 amazing chocolate artist

  • 1 incredible 10-foot replica of the Orient Express made from 3K Godiva bars

  • 3 pop-up installations

  • 1 teaser video

  • 1 behind-the-scenes “making of” video

Whipping up a decadent chocolate train takes real craftsmanship.

We knew immediately that we wanted to create a replica of the film’s iconic train—but not a standard replica. We wanted to capture the luxury of the Godiva brand. Highlight the intrigue and sumptuous feel of the film. Turn heads with its jaw-dropping detail. To create our masterpiece, we brought in The Craftsman Collective’s Jen Lindsey-Clark, the Chocolatician.

What do you do with an incredible work of art? You show it off.
First stop: The film’s world premiere.

After the premiere, we exhibited the train at London’s St. Pancras International Railway Station for three weeks, drawing crowds of commuters into the world of the film. It finished its awe-inspiring journey on a five-week cruise on the Queen Mary 2.

“More reasons to go.”

– Samina Aksar, Instagram,
   after visiting the installation